The Best Movie Channels on TV

When it comes to movies, there are two options – take a trip to the nearest movie theatre or stay home. There are tons of movie channels to choose from on TV and, sometimes, it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world to enjoy a feature film in the comfort of your own living room. And, while the newest releases are playing at the cinema, there are plenty of recent releases hitting the television every month.

With what it costs to enjoy the theatre experience, sometimes it pays to stay home and, below, are a few of the best movie channels you can find on TV.

AMC: Formerly known as American Movie Classics, the full name was downplayed during a major programming shift. For the most part, theatrically released films and older motion pictures still play on AMC, but now there is a greater emphasis on original programming. It’s still a great place for movies, but the network is no longer defined by these.

HBO: Home Box Office or simply HBO, offers programming on a number of different things. Major motion pictures make their runs on the network as well as made for cable movies, documentaries and stand-up comedy specials. HBO also features sub-runs of motion pictures – films that have already been broadcast or received syndicated television airings.

SHOWTIME: Showtime or SHO carries a wide variety of programs including original TV series as well as stand-up comedy specials and coverage of boxing events. In addition to this, SHO also boasts a wide variety of theatrically released motion pictures and made for cable movies. And, much like HBO, SHO also features sub-runs of motion pictures as well as feature film documentaries on a wide variety of subjects.

STARZ: The first two movies Starz every aired were both dramas released in 1992 – Scent of a Woman and The Crying Game. Obviously, Starz is the go-to place for the classic hits, but the newer releases also feature prominently on the network as well. Unlike a couple of the channels mentioned so far, Starz does have first-run movie rights with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures as well as their subsidiaries – meaning more exclusive access to more great movies.

Encore: Much like Starz, also has first-run movie rights with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures as well as their content subsidiaries, making them the go-to channel for movies. Encore also features a wide variety of multiplex channels including one, in particular, aimed at children. For movie buffs interested in the classics from the 60s on into the 90s, Encore also airs these with a few recent films thrown into the mix.

Going to the movies can be both overpriced and unfulfilling when it comes to the overall experience. Since most films make it to the stores and television sets eventually, it makes more sense to bring the theatre to the living room and, with channels like these; it’s even easier to have you own personal movie night. So break out the popcorn, turn down the lights and turn up the sound.