RFD-TV – Rural Free Delivery

RFD-TV – Rural Free Delivery

Since its inception, television has done a pretty good job of appealing to the mainstream cultures and the city slickers. However, there’s a much bigger world out there and, unfortunately, the rural community is often times either underrepresented or completely misrepresented. When it comes to television with a rural focus, it can be hard finding something that works.

Local channels are often times obscured by the mainstream despite the more relevant content they present. Luckily, RFD – that’s Rural Free Delivery – TV was established to help reach across the divide.

Homegrown television done right

In December 2000, RFD-TV was launched. Adopting a programming style that focused less on the modern and more on the rural American lifestyle, RFD followed a similar format established by the original Nashville Network (before it became Spike).

Because the mainstream media doesn’t focus heavily on the rural aspects of American living, it can be easy for viewers to get into a rhythm of thinking of it a certain way or simply believing that it doesn’t exist. That’s why RFD works tirelessly to make the presence of rural America known.

Most of the programming that you see on RFD focuses heavily on matters of farming and agriculture. It appeals largely to the demographic hailing from the Great Plains, but it’s not necessarily exclusive to those viewers alone. Advertising products are also heavily moderated to ensure a more family-friendly environment.

Shows covering the local flavor

Most viewers raised on the generous offerings of modern-day programming might experience a bit of a culture shock when turning on RFD. While the programs on RFD do attempt to bridge the gap – there’s no getting around their very distinct themes and genres.

Ag PhD: This agriculture-themed program helps viewers when it comes to growing all things green and healthy. Want to know which pesticide works best without damaging your crop? Want to know what the best fertilizer is for which crops? This show has the answers to these and other questions.

All American Cowgirl Chicks: This rodeo-centric show follows the lives of various cowgirls attempting to make their way into the male-dominated sport of rodeo. Each episode features new horses, new challenges and new reasons to fall in love with the sport all over again.

The Adventures of the Haygoods: The Haygoods are probably one of the best performing families in Branson, Missouri and this show offers an inside look at their lives. The weekly show features live musical performances and some of the trials and tribulations getting there.

Dakota Life: South Dakota is home to some of the most interesting and intriguing people around. About the only thing more fascinating than these artists, musicians, teachers, and artisans are what they create and show off to the world. This program focuses on these unique individuals.

Rural and relevant television for rural America

Because of Fox, ABC, CBS and the like, viewers really haven’t gotten a good look at the rural lifestyle. RFD aims to change all that by representing this particular part of the country the way it as meant to be seen.